Stability Testing

Stability Chamber (“Thermo”)

Understanding the stability of a product or material against the effects of time, temperature and/or humidity is an important part of product development. Summit Nutritional has the testing facilities to safely conduct the desired stability for shelf-life studies, as well as the corresponding analytical testing to evaluate the effects of the storage conditions. We are able to perform both real time and accelerated stability studies.

A product’s shelf life, or how long the item will last before its quality or safety is compromised, is critical to its success in the marketplace. Stability studies ensure the maintenance of product quality, safety and efficacy throughout the shelf life.

Storage for stability testing is performed in environmental stability chambers monitored in compliance with GMP. Environmental stability chambers replicate a mini environment to test the effects of stresses such as temperature and / or humidity on a raw material or finished product. The information gained permits the identification and correction of any potential problems, ensuring that the product will perform as intended under harsh conditions.

Our scientists have years of experience performing all types of analytical testing on a wide range of substances and products. Our extreme attention to detail and the highest level of quality assure our clients that their stability program will be successfully implemented.