Raw Materials / Identity Testing

Raw materials identity testingNIR: Near-Infrared Spectrum
materials testing
Raw Material Identity

The growing demand and acceptance of herbal systems has put tremendous pressure for the quality control of these products. Issues such as batch to batch consistency, stability, microbial contamination, heavy metals, and aflatoxins, to name a few, which testing were non-existent a few years ago, have now become standard requirements.

Summit Nutritional offers the following:

  • Various marker compounds and fingerprinting using HPTLC and HPLC.
  • NIR identification.
  • Stability testing, including sample storage and analysis.
  • Microbial and pathogen testing.
  • Heavy metals testing using ICP/MS.
  • Aflatoxin screen.
  • Nutritional labeling.
  • Potency testing.

Our team of specialists are constantly expanding Summit Nutritionals testing capabilities, if there is any testing not listed, please give us a call.