Heavy Metals / Minerals Testing

heavy metals minerals testing
ICP-MS Plasma

ICP-MS is the industry standard, utilizing the best technology for the analysis of heavy metals, nutritional minerals, and trace minerals. Here at Summit Nutritional Laboratories, we follow USP <232>, USP <233>, EPA 200.7, and EPA 200.8 testing performance criteria for accurate, reliable results.

Quality data is our number one priority. Several quality control standards are analyzed within each batch of samples to prevent instrument malfunctions. Each batch ensures that the accuracy of the sample analysis is not compromised by the sample matrix. Also, a laboratory fortified blank is examined to validate the quality of the closed-vessel microwave digestion process. Routine MDL investigations are performed to confirm that the instrument is functioning to its fullest capacities.

We pride ourselves on have a high throughput system which allows for high efficiency and quick turn-around times.