Analytical Services


Summit Nutritional Laboratories specializes in performing analytical services like raw material testing, potency verification, and label claim validation. We can also aid our clients in the interpretation of the results. We can provide mineral, vitamin, and nutrient analysis in a variety of raw material and finished goods matrices. Summit Nutritional Laboratories has the experience in all areas of Nutritional and Dietary supplements.

Monograph and In-house Testing Methods Summit Nutritional Laboratories utilizes USP/NF, EP, JP, BP and AOAC compendia methods for raw material and final product testing. We also have extensive library of in house validated methods and will use client supplied methods as required.

Method validation will ensure the accuracy, precision and comparability of all analytical results. Summit Nutritional Laboratories has over 28 years of experience in analytical method development and has the ability to provided services for identification tests, potency assays and quantitative analysis in the most challenging objectives.